Fight or Flight

Friday 6th December 2019 (4.35pm) I have not been able to do what I initially intended to when I started my series ‘The Road to New York’, simply because I have not finished it. I have not reported on my time in New York or the marathon itself. For those of you who follow me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter you would have seen my daily updates and pictures. Sufice to say, evidence of an amazing trip, an incredible marathon and an amazing journey for me. One that one day I may… Read More

The Road to New York City Part 6 – Nothing is Easy

Thursday 17th October 2019 (1.02pm) It has been so long since I last put something together on my blog. The summer has been and gone, as I sit here in a coffee shop with the rain hitting the window. I was lucky enough to end August with a week in the sun. Why is this relevant? Well, I just thought I would pick things up here. In the time leading up to going away, I did not feel in a great place and had an appointment to see my GP on the… Read More

The Road to New York City Part 5 – Ride London 100

Friday 23rd August 2019 (12.52pm) Over the last few weeks the training has continued which at times has not been easy as I have battled frustrations with performance. What I am doing, which I know I should not be doing is comparing myself to where I was at last year. Obviously last year I was one month out from Ironman Wales and in a good place physically after working hard all year. Earlier in the month I took part in Ride London 100. An epic closed road ride around London and Surrey…. Read More

The Road to New York City Part 4 – A marathon and an agreed diagnosis

Monday 22nd July 2019 (11.05am) I have just realised how long it has been since I last wrote on here. Fear not, I have been putting pen to paper in my journal for something which I will blog when the time is right.  Things have been busy. I have been keeping active by running the hot and hilly marathon as part of Tenby Long Course Weekend. Under the humid conditions and stupid gradients I was happy with how it all went (picture shows me walking up one of the many massive hills)…. Read More

The Road to New York City Part 3 – Dig deep

Thursday 27th June 2019 (3.18pm) On my run today I asked myself many times why on earth do I decide to do these stupid things? The answer is always there and it is simple. I need to do it mentally, I need a challenge, a focus and an event to look forward to. I knew as I left the house this morning and started running into a manic headwind it was going to be a tough run. I can usually get a sense on how things will go in the first 5… Read More

The Road to New York City Marathon Part 2 – Swansea Half Marathon

Monday 24th June 2019 (1143am) It is the day after doing one of those things where you run 13.1 miles with lots of other random people for a t-shirt and a medal. Yep, yesterday, I completed Swansea half marathon for the second time after doing it back in 2017 It was not on my list of events to do at the beginning of the year, and I ended up entering it quite late on knowing many people who had entered. The flat, scenic route of the Mumbles and Swansea seafront is always… Read More

The Road to New York City Marathon Part 1

Thursday 20th June 2019 (11am) This maybe somewhat ironic that I have decided to start to document my journey to the New York marathon whilst sitting in a coffee shop drinking a hot chocolate with extra chocolate and sprinkles. Why have I decided to start writing about it now? Because I have booked my flights so that makes it real. On November 3rd 2019 I shall be running the largest marathon in the world along with over 50000 people. Not surprisingly I have decided to make this my ‘A’ race this year…. Read More

Self hatred 

Wednesday 5th June 2019 (1.48pm) To those who saw me acting as normal on the weekend at running and swimming I hid what was going on inside my head well (I think). To those who saw me in the middle of what I would describe as a psychotic (not medically diagnosed) episode then I sincerely apologise for such irrational and out of control behaviour that I just wanted to be hated. After all I deserved to be (or so I thought). Sitting here now and reflecting on the last few days is… Read More

A, B, C or maybe D

Monday 20th May (1256 pm CET) I write this on an aeroplane to Cardiff from Alicante about 1hr 40 into the flight so not long until I arrive home. I have had a week away, a week to do nothing apart from take in the sun and see parts of Spain never visited before. Why am I writing this now? To get some stuff out of my brain. Going home is always inevitable after a holiday and with that returns the whirlwind of a busy brain. It didn’t completely shut up whilst… Read More

Mental Health Awareness Week

Monday 13th May 2019 (10.29am) Today marks the start of mental health awareness week, something which I never even knew existed up until a few years ago. Now I am keen to see what is going on  nationally and how inspiring people look to make a difference by helping others. The national picture this year is focused around body image; however my message this year is about ‘change’, change to make a difference in your life, whatever that may be: Positively change an attitude towards something or someone Change your thoughts by… Read More